“I hired Lorry Rifkin to provide my struggling business solid financial advice and to build and implement systems so my team could operate more efficiently. He brought a passion and drive to the CFO position that I appreciated. Specifically, Lorry was consistent and willing to bluntly tell me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it, regardless of whether it was what I wanted to hear. In the time Lorry was a part of my company, he assisted in stabilizing our accounting team, put conservative practices in place to manage receivable collection and bad debt from our clients, and assisted in stabilizing a mid size construction sub contracting company immediately following the 2008 recession. While I ultimately chose to close the business, I credit much of Lorry’s efficiencies in extending the life of the company, and more importantly, credit him for providing me good information on which to base many of my decisions.” – Brad Van Dam, President D&B Industrial Floors

“If I bought a business, Lorry would be the first person I would call to be my partner.  He is smart, has a great financial background and extensive experience making companies better.  Most importantly, I have know Lorry for almost 30 years and I completely trust him.” – Tom Ellis, Executive Director at Silver Springs Neighborhood Center

“Truly Impressed with the Breadth of Business Knowledge”


“Our company hired David Buslee to provide financial services while we were looking to hire a full time CFO. We were truly impressed with his wide breadth of business knowledge (so much so that we considered hiring him as our CFO). He assisted in our banking relationship and was able to obtain better terms with less restrictive covenants. In addition, he provided invaluable expertise analyzing and interpreting highly complicated financial and legal issues and then suggested actions to be taken that saved the company a great deal of money. His background in manufacturing also aided in the formulation and implementation of several best practices. Without hesitation, I can recommend David as a highly qualified professional that will improve the bottom line of your business.” – Samuel L. Scaletta, S&S Cycle

“Helped many of my clients put the right tools in place to understand what profit and cost centers”


“David sincerely cares about his clients and their success and it is a pleasure to works with him and refer him to others. He has helped many of my clients put the right tools in place to understand what profit and cost centers they need to focus on. By helping companies identify where they were leaving money on the table, David has helped them commit the right resources to the right activities and thus drive sustainable growth.” – Peter Rathmann, President, Sales Technik

Dear TEC and EA Chairs,

“Lorry Rifkin is a COO/CFO for hire.  He is currently winding down an engagement with one of my TEC members.

I have known Lorry for a little more than one  year.

Here’s what I can tell you:

  • He has a brilliant mind and is a strategic thinker.

  • He can translate strategy into action and manage/implement execution.

  • People throughout his client’s organization seek out his advice because he is honest, straightforward, has the ear of the owner, is not afraid to speak his mind even if it’s against the in-bred consensus,    genuinely cares about his client’s business and financial performance.

  • He is process oriented and the bottom line (profitability) is his primary measure of success for his clients.

  • He asks the hard questions of company owners and sees that as one of his gifts.  (I’d agree.)

If you know of members, clients or business associates who might be helpful to him, please contact Lorry directly.  Lorry will not thrive in a culture of bobbled-headed “yes” folks who take the boss’ word as gospel and fear pushing back/challenging the boss’ assumptions.  If the owner wants to run a healthier business with a true business partner, Lorry is up for the challenge.  He also has the maturity to follow direction if the owner sees things differently.

I would trust him with my company because I believe he cares about his clients first and leads like an owner, not like an employee or consultant.”

For your consideration.


– Mike Naumann, Chairman at TEC (affiliate of Vistage International)

“I met Lorry Rifkin at an Executive Agenda conference about eight years ago.  When I first met him, he was serving in a Chief Financial Officer capacity, and doing quite well in that role.  Over the years I have seen a metamorphosis of sorts with Lorry as he has taken on assignments that demanded a much higher degree of operational expertise. Time and time again he has demonstrated a very unique ability to leverage his knowledge in finance and accounting with a strong grasp of operational excellence. In addition to his acute business acumen, Lorry’s greatest strengths lie in the make-up of his personality.  Lorry has an innate ability to get things done correctly and on-time.  He also possesses tremendous analytical skills and is a very clear communicator.  This combination affords him the ability “cut to the chase” when called upon to identify, quantify and devise profitable solutions for complex business challenges.” – Paul Chadwick, President & CEO at Organization Analysis & Design

“I have worked with Lorry Rifkin over many years.  In that time Lorry’s input has always resulted in a positive outcome.  Lorry has the unique ability to drill down and focus on the details while maintaining a mastery of the big picture.  Two contrasting examples of Lorry’s input include: Building spreadsheets that were actually more effective and performed more functions than what I asked for and as a result spreadsheets that I found extremely useful.  More importantly Lorry introduced me to Vistage (Tec) share group for CEO’s.  My involvement in Vistage has proven to be one of the most positive and impactful benefits to me both personally and professionally in my entire adult life.  I found Lorry to be direct and to the point, honest, a person I respect and a person of high integrity.  I can recommend Lorry with complete confidence to anyone who wants to improve their business or just do a better job in their current position.” – Art Potash, CEO, Potash Markets

“Working with Lorry is a two-way learning experience.   Instead of listening to your story and offering his thoughts, he asks questions.  Lots of them.  To help you focus your values and priorities, the questions are sometimes blunt, choose “a or b”.  No ambiguity allowed!  In turn, he’ll expect you to ask him tough questions and offer him advice.  You’ll think differently afterward about yourself, and how you work with others.” – Lynn Corazzi, Working on Career Change

“I had the pleasure of meeting Lorry at a networking event while I was pursuing a career in a new industry, and he immediately offered to help. During our next meeting and his subsequent follow-ups, Lorry helped me focus my career options, as well as provided templates to fully-understand my career aspirations and ensure a correct career choice was being made. He also provided highly valuable insight on my resume and interviewing skills, actively connected me with several professionals within his network, and helped me uncover areas in which I could better myself professionally. Lorry’s insight, guidance, and mentoring were instrumental in my successful career transition, and I am truly grateful for it. I have gained both a mentor and long-term friend. Thank you.” – Erik Vickstrom, Investment Banking Senior Associate at vonBriesenOneSource

“You have been a big help to Karley (Controller) and all our team by sharing your knowledge and genuine desire to help others. Your mission of service to do your best and do it well is a strong gift of yours. Thank you for sharing that gift with us.” – Joe Carlson, President Sandstone Group