Sometimes you need a booster shot


Sometimes you need a booster shot

Being an empty nester for the first time in 32 years is a welcome relief and a stark reality. You wake up and the only one in the room with you is your spouse.

It’s a period of adjustment excitement and sadness. Michele and I have this inside joke when we scream out our last child’s name chase as we walk around an empty house. It’s so ironic a day you can’t wait for comes and you don’t know if you should laugh or cry.

Every week or so I come home to a surprise new bedroom furniture one day a ready to go guest bedroom the next.

The house is empty of people but it still has a soul.

It’s the start of a new chapter in our lives….

I’m lying in bed half asleep as the light of Michele’s phone finally goes off. One negative of working a night shift u come home and can not go right to sleep.

In the half asleep half awake I see her break out in tears. I ask what is wrong, and she says you never told me.

I ask told you what.

The answer is like a dagger plunged thru your heart. A fact you know but advoid like the plague. Something that is always in your mind but always suppressed. Too scary to think about but reality.

Michele turns to me and says 80% of the people with espogeal cancer die in 5 years. Those tears where her fear she is in the dreaded 20%.

Reality hits at 1 am.

I truly believe God has put Michele in the 20% category for 3 reasons.

1 she is a survivor having been thru a stroke cancer with a smile
2 she is strong in an emotional dimension
3 and most importantly she is a spiritual beacon to everyone she touches.

But what I believe does not matter. What matters is what she believes.

It is very easy in life to drift into the victim camp. Michele occasionally walks by that place, and then walks away.

That is what makes her so special, amazing and unique.

Her anti cancer drug is helping others before helping herself.

We are at a point where she needs a booster shot. She is on a mission to educate others how to prevent this cruel and wicked disease.

Occasionally she needs help in this battle. Now is one of those times.

What does she need?

It’s simple pray for her contained health, tell everyone you know with chronic heartburn to be scoped no matter what their doctor says, and donate to ecan.

Michele makes a positive difference in so many people’s lives.

We don’t want that to end.

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