Passion a driver in life

I have briefly written about passion in some of my previous blogs. It is an important enough topic to discuss in some detail. What does passion mean to you? It is likely different than what passion means to me.

My definition of passion is something that makes you a richer, happier on an emotional or spiritual level that you can’t wait to do, and until you do it your mind is consumed thinking of it. Usually we say we passionately love our spouse and kids. I take that at a minimum and it’s not what I am talking about in this blog.

A passion can be a hobby but a hobby is not always a passion.
A passion becomes a habit in your life when it becomes ingrained in your personality.

Some examples are warranted, a hobby can be some old habit that you just do but is not part of your personality. An example is my son Chase who plays guitar. He goes thru the motions but his heart is not in it. The proof:  I have to ask him to practice. Another teenager who is passionate about guitar would have his parents unplugging it at 3am telling them to go to bed.

Passion is not driven by money but if you are phenomenal in your passion you might be rewarded financially.

Passions don’t require you to be good at the activity. I love golf and the quiet time in the slow lane it gives me. I think about golfing all the time. I am willing to give up working hours and income to be on the golf course but I am not a good golfer.

I often see passion missing from someone’s life. Which is extremely sad.  Passion is like many things in life it has 2 states, you have it or you don’t. This blog is focused on this of you who don’t have a passion in life. My wife and daughter Casey would tell you how much it bothers them that they don’t have a passion in life. Nothing ignites a spark in their heart or mind that they have to do. As a person with countless passions I have a hard time understanding that.

Passions also require you to think. Passions can also be negative. Sitting online playing computer games can be a passion, but if you do it because you are bored or don’t want to face reality they can create a negative passion.

So how do you teach passion? Not easily as my wife and daughter will tell you. I can offer some suggestions and tips but in the end to gain a passion will require a lifestyle change and they are very difficult to achieve without help and guidance.

The Lorry Blog steps to finding a passion:

Step 1 is realizing that you will probably have to seek it will not find you.

Step 2 is start seeking it.

Step 3 is the how by trying new things, join a group, exercise, take a lesson in golf tennis, skiing. Take a vacation with strangers… Take an action to do some positive activity.

Step 4 is repeating step 3 until you cry because nothing interests you or find something that does interests you.

Step 5 is do the activity you are interested in for 6 months even if your initial interest wanes. Remember passions are habits and habits take time to form. If after 6 months you still don’t have that burning desire to continue be proud that you tried and go to back to step 3.

Most of us will find a passion by doing the above. For those who haven’t there is the next step.

Step 6 Stand in front of a mirror and look at your reflection. Ask the reflection this question have you tried as hard as you could to find a passion? If not get your ass back to step 3.

If you fail steps 1 to 6 all you have left is the next step which is revealing about your inner self, are you ready.

Step 7 Realize you do have a passion after all, your passion is to find every reason not to have a passion.

Remember passions become part of our personality. People will know you have one. Give a gift and share your passion with someone.

Can you name your passions? Have they become part of your personality? And the most important question is if you don’t have one can you find one?

Food Porn

Great Indian dinner at Seva Cuisine of India in Liberty Mo. Chicken Korma (right) Lamb Vindaloo (left) finished with Ras Malai dessert (right picture). I go to the bathroom and the owner stops me. He was intrigued how much I enjoyed the meal. He asks how he could get more non Indian customers like me. I feel like I am on an episode of Restaurant Impossible. I tell him to offer samples, use Groupon and take the drapes off the front window so people can look in.


Random Act of Kindness

Today we saved the illegitimate child of the Geico Insurance Lizard. While going thru one of the many laundry piles in our house tonight we found this tiny 1 inch Lizard. Obviously he has been cast off by his father probably at the end of one of those annoying Geico commercials.

Right now he is living in the bottom of a yellow beer cup waiting for the results of his paternity testing. Donations for his legal fund are being taken.


Dustin just bought a bunch of tropical plants and this guy was a hitch hiker on one of them.

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